Bitcoin on the Moon
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A private Off-The-record Cryptocurrency Conference

Bitcoin on the moon


Bitcoin on the Moon is a private conference focused on the critical exploration of cryptocurrency as a social and economic phenomenon. This single day event will feature presentations from speakers who represent traditional finance, cryptocurrency projects, and philosophical inquiry. Notably, we will not allow any recording or written record of conversation at the event to facilitate the free exchange of ideas.

The artistic theme of the event is a mashup of bitcoin in 2018 and the 1902 French film "A Trip to the Moon".

The conference is invitation only. To request an invite, please use the form on this site or email with a short description of why you would like to attend.

What: A one day conference critically exploring cryptocurrency
When: April 13th, 2018
Where: San Francisco, CA
Who: Cryptolotus and Friends
Why: Because phenomena require debate



"I would be surprised if 10 years from now we're not using electronic currency in some way, now that we know a way to do it that won't inevitably get dumbed down when the trusted third party gets cold feet."

-Satoshi Nakamoto


"To the Moon" is a phrase that, like hodl, has roots in the alternative economic zeitgeist that is the cryptocurrency community.

Specifically, the phrase "Bitcoin is headed to the moon" is the notion that the price of a single bitcoin will one day be enough to afford a ticket to a party on the moon. While we are far from there today, we are closer than we were many moons ago.

Speakers, Prognosticators, and Crypto Astronauts

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Garry Tan

Garry Tan is the founder of Initialized Capital, Posterous, Posthaven, and an early partner at YCombinator. Garry also was recently added to the Forbes Midas Brink list for 2018 as a Venture Capitalist.

Garry is speaking about venture evaluation of crypto opportunities.

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Li Xiaolai

Li Xiaolai is one of the earliest bitcoin investors in China and an investor in many companies in the cryptocurrency space. Xiaolai has historically been one of the strongest bitcoin maximalists, including betting very big on the cryptocurrency very early.

Xiaolai is speaking about overarching cryptocurrency narratives in 2018.

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Marcos Veremis

Marcos Veremis is a Managing Director of Cambridge Associates, an investment advisory firm with $4.633 trillion under advisement. Marcos leads research for the firm with a focus on cryptocurrency assets and opportunities.

Marcos is speaking about critical analysis of cryptocurrency for traditional and institutional investors.

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Richard Craib

Richard Craib is founder and CEO of Numerai, a cryptocurrency used for staking an algorithm in a competition for optimality in equity market trading. Richard's thesis is that competition will provide the optimal algorithm for a hedge fund participating in the equity markets and his firm uses cryptocurrency as the currency for the contest.

Richard is speaking about having a working crypto product in 2018.


Allison Duettmann

Allison is a researcher at Foresight Institute, a non-profit focused on beneficial outcomes of AI, cybersecurity, longevity, and nanotechnology. Her research focus is on the reductions of X-Risks, especially from AGI. At she pools work toward positive long-term futures for sentient beings

Allison is speaking on futures that are neither impossible nor boring.

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Paul Pagnato

Paul A. Pagnato is founder and CEO at PagnatoKarp, an independent Family Office and Wealth Management firm based in Reston, Virginia, with $3.5 billion assets under advisement. 

Paul is speaking about institutional evaluation of crypto offerings

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